Leaders in transport law

Our transport law specialists, who deal with both passengers and freight carried by sea, land, air or rail, work in all areas that affect those involved in transportation.

Our transport law department offers complete legal advice to those involved in the industry, including transport firms, insurers, logistics companies and operators, freight forwarders, transport agencies, shipowners, charterers, banks and financial institutions and port terminal operators as well as those specialised in international commerce, transport in general and logistics.


Our transport law team has deep global knowledge of the transport sector, as well as having one of the most extensive, globalised networks of the best lawyers in the world, which allows us to offer our services wherever required, no matter the jurisdiction.

In Spain, we have one of the largest teams nationally of transport lawyers, reflecting the commitment of the firm to this area. We have offices in Bilbao, Cadiz, Madrid, Sevilla and Valencia, allowing us to provide our services across the entire country.




    National and international road transport. CMR. Multimodal transport. Rail transport. Insurance. Freight transport. Logistics. Shipping agents. Customs. Freight forwarders. Warehousing. Accidents involving freight. Terminal operators. Liability within terminals.

    We advise on all types of national and international transport (CMR), on matters including transport contracts, freight insurance, accidents, claims for transport costs and failure to pay, damage or loss of freight, delivery delays, incidents relating to all types of transport services, warehousing and auction of goods.

    From an administrative law point of view, we work in areas such as administrative procedures, authorisations for transport and sanctions and penalties.

    Passenger Transport

    Freight Rail Transport

    National Goods Transport

    Goods Transport through Port

    International Goods Transport

    Multimodal Transport

    Associated Logistics Services

    Services in transport terminals.



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