Our specialist insurance lawyers offer specific, comprehensive advice in all areas relating to insurance.

We offer full legal services to the complete spectrum of those involved in this area, such as insurers, reinsurers, P&I Clubs, subscribers, intermediaries, insured parties and banks and financial institutions.

Our insurance department enjoys international renown, as one of Spain’s firms with the greatest commitment to this area.

We have offices in Cadiz, Bilbao, Madrid, Seville and Valencia.


We have deep experience both in advising on insurance matters as well as dealing with insurance disputes. We assist in the development of new products and the drafting of insurance policies.

Our specialist areas include: marine insurance, large risk insurance covering both indemnity and public liability, transport insurance, energy, analysis of contracts and clauses, as well as dispute resolution.


Since the beginnings of the firm we have specialised in this area of maritime law.

We advise all parties involved in maritime insurance, and our maritime law team acts for P&I Clubs, shipowners, charterers, salvors, and hull and cargo insurers.

We have wide knowledge and in-depth experience of maritime insurance, and at San Simón & Duch we work in areas including protection and indemnity insurance, ship insurance (hull and machinery) and freight insurance.

Our specialities include:

• Hull and machinery insurance
• Protection and Indemnity Insurance (P&I)
• Goods insurance
• Freight insurance
• Large risk insurance
• Reinsurance
• Claims and payment for accidents
• Filing protests
• Provision of guarantees and letters of undertaking
• Recovery and recourse actions
• Boarding
• Collisions
• General average
• Pollution
• Stowaways
• Insurance contract advice
• Advising insurers and insured parties; dispute resolution through mediation
• Disputes between insurers and reinsurers
• Calculating settlements
• Control and payment of indemnities

Given the nature and urgency of some of the matters relating to insurance, our maritime law department has an emergency service available for when you need it:

Telephone: (0034) 913 579 298. 24 hours a year, every day of the year.

Email: sansimonduch@lsansimó

RC Professional

National and international road transport. CMR
Multimodal transport
Rail transport
Cargo insurance
Freight transport
Shipping agents
Freight forwarders
Accidents involving freight
Terminal operators
Liability within terminals

Our team has wide experience in the energy sector, from storage and transport to purchase and sale operations of products such as oil and gas.

We work with both insurance companies and those in the energy sector itself.

Our lawyers have extensive experience in the field of large risks and general non-maritime insurance, both with indemnity insurance as well as public liability (professional, medical, etc)

We work for both insurers and insured parties, defending their interests in areas such as third parties pursuing claims, investigations, processing claims, control and payment of indemnity, recovery and recourse for insurers.

Financial loss


Damages arising from transportation

Other damage to goods

Credit and Suretyship Insurance

Since the very beginnings of the firm our lawyers have been involved in advising on reinsurance matters. We focus principally on organising cover, analysis of clauses and conditions and the resolution of disputes between insurers and reinsurers.


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