Cómo prepararse ante a posibles derrames de sustancias peligrosas y nocivas. IMO
SS&D Jul 2, 2018

21/06/2018 Con el aumento en el transporte marítimo de productos químicos y gases, a granel y en contenedores, la preparación adecuada para responder a posibles incidentes de derrame que involucran sustancia… Read More

Passenger Claims. Key Provisions Applicable to the Resolution of Maritime Passenger Claims
SS&D Jun 28, 2018

The LNM also regulates the passage contract (articles 287–300), granting the carrier a right of retention and subsequent sale over the hold baggage in the event of failure to pay the price of the passage. As fo… Read More

International Maritime Law Seminar (IMLS) SINGAPUR
SS&D May 23, 2018

International Maritime Law Seminar (IMLS) SINGAPUR El próximo día 24 de mayo se celebra en Singapur el primer International Maritime Law Seminar (IMLS) SINGAPUR. El IMLS fue fundado en 2006 por Luis de Sa… Read More

Reclamaciones de Carga: Circumstances in what the carrier may establish claims against the shipper relating to misdeclaration of cargo
SS&D Apr 5, 2018

Pursuant to article 260 LNM, the shipper would be liable towards the carrier in respect of the accuracy at the time of shipment of the marks, number, quantity and weight, as furnished by him, and the shipper sh… Read More

Reclamaciones de Carga - key principles applicable to cargo claims brought against the carrier
SS&D Feb 27, 2018

The holder of a bill of lading would be entitled to sue for loss or damages to the cargo. However, title to sue on an order bill of lading would be on the endorsee and on the named party in the case of a named… Read More